What recovery after COVID-19? Paper now available on Covid-Economics

Our most recent work examining the scenarios of economic recovery following the shock due to the Coronavirus lockdowns is now available at Covid Economics. Covid Economics is an initiative of the Centre for Economic Policy Research and publishes real-time papers related to coronavirus related economics research.

It was one of the smoothest processes for submission I have yet to encounter. The papers are not reviewed as is the case for standard journals but vetted, to verify that the research is relevant to be published. The vetting process itself was quite rapid. I submitted on a Friday evening and had a response Monday morning.

The current issue which can be found here also contains other interesting articles, including one on the impact on the labor market in Japan. The authors show how the economic shock has affected, just like in most other countries, the lowest-earners.

Happy reading!

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Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma
Researcher - Portfolio Construction, Risk Management, Agent-Based Models, Statistical Physics.

Physicist turned economic modeler trying to make sense of the world through ABMs.