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Thesis update

I successfully defended my Ph.D. on 26th November 2020! Given covid restrictions, the defense took place virtually. While I was initially nervous, it was overall a great experience. My jury asked me extremely interesting questions and I found that I ended up learning a lot more about my thesis through our discussions. The slides from the presentation can be found on Dropbox.


The last time I updated this page, I was participating in Quizzing World Cup. It was great fun and rekindled my joy of doing quizzing.

Currently, I am taking part in multiple quizzing leagues at the moment. With restricted mobility all over the world, online quizzing via zoom has really taken off. This also means I can meet people from all parts of the world. The leagues I am taking part in right now are:

  1. Quiz Nations Europe: This is a continuation of the Quizzing World Cup of the fall. Teams of 4-8 people can participate in their local leagues with the top 32 teams going head-to-head in a Champions League-like format. I am participating with 4 other quizzers from England as Viddr (we couldn’t come with a catchy name). It is indeed a different experience since I haven’t met any of my team-mates but we have been getting along well and our spheres of expertise overlap quite a bit.
  2. Mimir’s Well League: This one is an individual quiz league with an extremely interesting format, which makes for dynamic play. To put simply, the order of answering questions keeps changing as participants make bonus attempts. Their World Quiz Series has come to an end and if it were not for some easy misses, I would have ended up higher on the overall rankings. Will try to improve in the next season, called the Snowdrop league.
  3. Online Quiz League: The Online Quiz League really is a child of covid-imposed zoom quizzing. There are multiple leagues here, both for individual and team play. Matches are played every wednesday. For this league as well, I am participating with relative strangers in a team called, not too creatively, The Strangers. Two weeks into this league and we have had one win and one loss.
  4. Ligue Francophone de Quiz: As a response to the Quizzing World Cup, French quizzers decided to have their own league but with a twist: questions would be in French with 20% of the questions on French general knowledge. This was loads of fun and I participated in a team called “Les Internationaux” (The Internationals). We ended up winning after a closely-fought final match that you can watch here. A second league starts this sunday where my team gets to defend its title.

Why a “Now” page

The idea for a now page came from Derek Sivers and for more details look here

Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma
Researcher - Agent-Based Models, Macroeconomics, Statistical Physics.

Physicist trained economic modeler trying to make sense of the world through ABMs.