Free or open-source resources for quarantine

As the world gears up to be confined to their houses to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, many institutions worldwide have made loads of resources freely available to the general public. This is a list of resources which will be continously updated in the following days:


  1. La casse du siècle - or how the French hospital system was defunded (French) - From the website: Des couloirs transformés en hébergements de fortune, des personnels de santé au bord de la crise de nerfs, des mobilisations récurrentes, l’hôpital public est mis à rude épreuve. Ce livre propose une analyse des politiques hospitalières successives qui ont abouti à la crise actuelle. Une véritable casse de ce service public est engagée par des réformateurs adeptes de l’acculturation de l’univers médical à des logiques managériales qui contredisent son bon fonctionnement.

  2. Scribd makes its collection of books, ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines freely available for a month

  3. Audible stories collection - Audible has made some classic stories in audiobook format freely available. Most titles for a younger audience but some classics as well.

  4. Verso books - Verso has made some ebooks available for free. Verso is one of the foremost publishers of left-wing non-fiction and research.

  5. Haymarket Books - Similar to verso, Haymarket has a great collection of works from people such as Naomi Klein and Howard Zinn.

  6. London Review of Books - The London Review of Books has come up with a newsletter entitle Diverted Traffic which proposes one longform piece, unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic, from their extensive archive.

  7. Prospect Magazine - A left-leaning magazine which offers a diverse collection of articles and essays, Prospect has decided to provide its archive freely to the public.


  1. Berlin Philharmonic orchestra - You can visit the virtual concert hall and listen and watch some of the best pieces of western classical music.

  2. Opera de Paris - The Paris Opera will make one opera per week freely available to view. The schedule is:

    • 17 to 22/03: Manon
    • 23 to 29/03: Don Giovanni (2019)
    • 30 to 05/04: Le Lac des cygnes (2019)
    • 06 to 12/04: Le Barbier de Séville (2014)
    • 13 to 19/04: Soirée Robbins (2018)
    • 20 to 26/04: Les contes d’Hoffmann (2016)
    • 27 to 03/05: Carmen (2017)
  3. Broadway - Broadway has made about 300 or so musicals available for free for a limited time of 7 days. I wonder whether Hamilton and Les Miserables are available.


  1. - Loads of classic games now available for free.

  2. A collection of MSDOS games


  1. Project MUSE - Project MUSE has decided to release a large part of its titles available for free to the public. Features a range of scholarly content in the form of academic articles, critiques, and books.

  2. Springer academic books - Springer has made many textbooks available for free to download. I have written a little script which automates the downloading of these books. This can be found here

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Dhruv Sharma
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